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About This Project

Inventory Management System (IMS) makes is easy to control the management of stock products into any small to large shop. The system enables  company to maintain a centralize record of every item or product by providing all the information and specifications. The system keeps tracks of the companies, branches, customers and product related information like suppliers, manufacturers with products’ stocks and sales.

Features list:

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1. Branch-> Company wise different and restricted
2. Color-> Company
3. Company
4. Country_code
5. Customer-> Company, Branch
6. Inventory & History-> Company, Branch
7. Invoice & Invoice Item->Company, Branch
8. Manufacturer-> Company
9. Product & Barcode-> Company, Branch
10. Product Category-> Company
11. Role
12. Sales-> Company, Branch
13. Supplier-> Company
14. Unit
15. User-> Company, Branch
16. User verification with email
17. Dynamic dashboard
18. Whole sales report
19. Easy invoicing with automated inventory update
20. Handling role authorization and user access
Product/Service, Web Development