About Us

Technbit has the mission to provide service to the entrepreneurs, businesses, and legal entities to achieve their goals through web presence on the digital world.


We believe in innovation, uniqueness and integrity.Our mission is to ensure the finest quality and performance by providing the best user support available in the market.To meet the client requirements, we give our preeminent (best) effort.We are committed to our clients to gain their trust and all of our determinations and activities are guided by them.


Our vision is to build products such that, our clients will have reliability on us. We dream of a company having mutual respect among the employees by ensuring a challanging workplace and achieving client satisfaction. The combination of immaculate (clean) architecture and optimize algorithm by our professionals will enhance the performance of our products as well as fullfilling client’s expectation.

What We Have

- Creative Idea
- Modern and Updated Technology

Technological Backend


– Expert level developers

– Experience in big and highly loaded projects development

– Only higher-level programming education

– At least few years in web programming

– English and Japanese speaking

– Highly motivated

Our standards

Thousands of man-hours have been spent for internal optimization of the development process. We follow coding standards and possible approaches to development. Why? Because no matter how big or small your project is, we want it to be made professionally, we want it to be scalable, and we want it to be ready for real usage by users.

What Our Clients Say

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Contact by Phone: +81 080-62506989


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